Is there mail on good friday 2018? Answered

Good Friday is said to be the Day when Death Died. it is celebrated almost everywhere in the world. But many People are in dilemma, Whether There is Mail delivery on Good Friday or Not. I have seen people Questioning Is there mail on good Friday? is there mail delivery on good Friday? is the post office open on Good Friday? does the mail run on good Friday?  and many many more similar questions can be added to the list.

So Today here you are gonna get a Detailed Answer for all the above question you have in your mind about whether stores or services are closed on Good Friday.

So Is there mail on good Friday?

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free download good Friday 2018 wallpaper and images

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This article will pretty much Cover Most of the questions for you. We all know that Good friday is Christians holiday, it is a religious holiday and not a national or federal holiday. So we can Very surely say that Stores or Services like Post office, mail,  etc will not be interrupted and it will be Open on Good Friday.
With that said it is the best idea to Check your local stores around you. In most casesits not a holiday and Stores and service will be live but just in case you may find some stores or Banks are closed on this day.

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But it is quite obvious that Schools are closed on good Friday and in most cases Stock markets are Closed on good Friday. Mail deliveries are ON on Good Friday. It is not a postal holiday, therefore answer to your question Is there mail on good Friday? or does the mail run on good Friday? is YES. There is no Interruption in Mailing Service.


Open on Good Friday:
  • Postal services
  • Banks services (not in all Cases)
  • Grocery Stores
  • Agencies.
Closed On Good Friday:
  • Stock market.
  • Schools
  • Banks services (not in all Cases)
Banks Services may and many not be open on Good Friday.

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